Her Closet Purge Brought In $40K

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When Deidre first started working with me, the state of her style was depressing. LITERALLY! She was actually in the midst of depression and working with a therapist and high vibe community for support.

The community challenged her to step out of her comfort zone and be “seen”, and she knew that working with a professional she knew, liked and trusted was the next step. Deidre pushed past her comfort zone and said yes to a 4 month Style Awakening with me by her side.

She had no idea the full life transformation coming her way… it’s always deeper than the clothes.

Our work together consisted of purging and letting go of the clothing and scarcity and fear energy permeating her life and closet, getting clear on the life she’s building and stepping into, and creating a wardrobe full of pieces that allow her to take the steps towards that vision. So while we edited her closet and style, we massively shifted her thoughts and habits and the trajectory of her life.

In fact, as she shares in the video, it was after our initial closet purge that she had her first $40,000 week in revenue! She made the space physically, energetically and emotionally to receive what wanted to come her way this whole time. And that is one of many new contracts she’s welcomed in since our time together.

You can watch the FULL interview with Deidre above.

If you’re reading between the lines, Deidre realized her worth. In her words, she went from the gal shopping at Ross to the gal shopping at Neiman Marcus without blinking an eye.

Her next stretch is to get used to other people noticing her new style and remarking on it! Her goal was to be seen and that’s exactly what’s happening.

Whatever your goal is right now… to be seen, to call in more clients, to take your relationship to the next level, to feel calm and grounded, it all starts with you. How you feel about yourself, talk to yourself and how you show up daily through your style. The clothing is simply a representation of how you feel about yourself and what you deserve.

While I can’t guarantee you the exact same results as Deidre, I can guarantee that when you elevate your style and soul with me, the transformation will create shifts in your life you didn’t even realize possible.

If you’re ready for that, use the button below to find time to chat. There’s ONE SPOT available to work with me now at a high level.

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