The Tale Of The Turtlenecks

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Blog Post - The Tale Of The Turtlenecks

The clothing in your closet says A LOT about how you feel about yourself and what’s currently happening in your external world. It has the power to propel you into your next level self or keep you hidden… as long as you know how to read between the lines.

I was on zoom last week with a client helping her purge her closet (sometimes it’s virtual, sometimes it’s in person), and we started noticing a trend. One after another she kept pulling turtlenecks out of the closet.

Some were lighter weight, others much heavier, and in some cases she had multiples of the same piece!

For some people this may be completely normal, yet given the deeper work we’ve been doing releasing her limiting beliefs, this was one of the moments to read between the lines.

Speaking up, showing up and sharing her truth has been a big focus during our calls. Not only with her voice, also with her clothes. And letting go of the fear of being judged for saying or doing the “wrong” thing.

So when you relate that back to all of the turtlenecks, she used to feel safe when her throat was covered. She was protecting her neck which is a very sensitive part of the body, and she was covering her throat chakra.

When the throat chakra is congested, it’s a lot harder to speak your truth and allow yourself to be heard. Subconsciously, she was keeping herself from doing just that with all of the turtlenecks.

I wish I had taken a photo of the moment that all clicked… it’s like I was witnessing the letting go in slow motion.

And once that connection was made, more than half of the turtlenecks made their way to the giveaway pile. She’s choosing not to be that woman anymore who holds back in fear of judgment.

Now when she consciously decides to wear a turtleneck, it will be because she’s craving that style or the warmth, not as a protection mechanism.

The timing for her to let go of the fear AND the plethora of turtlenecks could not be more perfect. This time next week we’ll be shopping together in Paris to elevate her style, now that she’s made the space externally and internally. And you can bet there will be ZERO turtlenecks purchased.

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