What A 7 Figure CEO Wears

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What does a 7 figure CEO and best selling author wear every single day?

Getting clear on that Style Vision with the epic Sara Connell was one of the pieces of the puzzle that propelled her into that exact reality.

You get to be that version of you now. The version of you that already has what you truly desire. How does she dress, what does she say to herself, how does she run her business, how does she make decisions and what energy does she lead with when walking into a room? This is the clarity that allows you to then shop with intention.

And it doesn’t have to be a full closet makeover. Start with one piece. One piece that once you put it on your body you actually feel as if your vision is here. That’s the magic.

Helping my clients craft their Style Vision is actually one of the best parts of my job… yes even more so than shopping:)

Does your closet match your vision? If not, what’s one piece you can add now that does? Let me know in the comments.

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