Your Level Of Confidence = Money In The Bank

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Your level of confidence = your level of money in the bank.

How you show up in the physical world is a direct correlation to how you feel about yourself. Your clothes and energy reflect your inner worth. This isn’t cockiness, it’s grounded confidence and self acceptance.

And my epic friend and client, Sara Connell puts it in her Best Selling book, The Science Of Getting Rich For Women, this is why WOMEN need to step up their confidence game.

“...women’s earning has been impeded by what’s called “The Confidence Gap,” a phenomenon where women through cultural and individual conditioning underestimate their worth, skills and performance by about 25%... Studies show confidence directly leads to income and career success. Over time, confidence could affect a woman’s income by hundreds of thousands-even millions of dollars.”

Yes, you are actually losing money by not showing up confidently in your style, as it’s deeper than just your clothes.

Understanding and creating your most confident style starts with understanding, valuing and accepting yourself. That’s the tipping point into grounded confidence and a style that actually increases the money in your bank. Yes please!

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