Does The Color You Wear Really Matter?

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Blog Post - Does The Color You Wear Really Matter?

Has it ever crossed your mind that there's a deeper meaning behind why you choose to wear certain colors?

What if you knew how to choose color to enhance your energy and chakras and confidence?! (sounds more fun than wearing certain colors because you’re a specific “season”).

Chakras are energy centers within your body and when all are spinning back and forth, you feel good mentally, physically and emotionally. Yet sometimes your chakras can get a little congested as you move through life.

Each wheel of energy has a specific color associated with that chakra. So if you’re craving a certain color, it means that chakra could use some support.

Or, if you have the awareness of what the colors represent, you can use that color proactively. For instance, wear blue for your throat chakra if you have an upcoming presentation. Wearing certain colors will influence the way you feel.

👉Comment below with the color that would benefit you the most right now ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍

Here’s how the core 7 chakra colors promote healing and elevate your style confidence:

❤️RED - ROOT CHAKRA (located at the bottom of the spine): Represents survival and grounding energy; your connection to Mother Earth. Wearing red grounds you so that things flow with ease and you feel safe.

🧡ORANGE - SACRAL CHAKRA (below your belly button): This is your creative center and where you birth all of your ideas. This represents pleasure and abundance and play! Wearing orange enhances your creativity.

💛YELLOW - SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA (just above your belly button): It is your inner compass, fire, will power, strength and where you create beliefs about yourself. Yellow is the color to wear if you are doubting your worthiness or ability.

💚GREEN (AND PINK) - HEART CHAKRA (located in your chest): Represents all things love; self-love and giving love to others. The more love we show ourselves, the greater this radiates out to others. Green (and pink) are powerful colors to wear if you owe forgiveness or grace to yourself or another person.

💠LIGHT BLUE - THROAT CHAKRA (located in the throat): This next chakra is all about speaking your truth and being heard authentically. Are you fully sharing yourself and your beliefs or is there something holding you back? Blue (light blue or turquoise) will assist you in eloquently communicating.

💙DARK BLUE/INDIGO - THIRD EYE CHAKRA (located between your eyebrows): It symbolizes the all knowing intuition, vision and knowledge that comes from within. Wear dark blue to discover answers where only you can decide.

💜VIOLET - CROWN CHAKRA (top of your head): This is your connection to Divine, God, Goddess, Source or however you choose to call the Higher Power. It’s the wisdom that you are not alone, and the Universe is always working in your favor. Should you need guidance, wear purple to activate Divine inspiration.

Not sure which color to wear? Take the Confidence Color quiz below. It knows exactly which chakra could use some love right now:)

Comment below your color as I’m super curious!

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