The Sneaky “Game” Messing Up Your Style

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There’s this sneaky game that most humans like to play. It’s called the “if, then” game. Do you know the one?

It goes like this… “If I get the new job then I’ll start dressing like a manager.” Or “If I finish the book then I’ll shop for my book cover outfit.”

With so much love, this game is backwards.

By waiting, you’re actually pushing out when (or if) it’s going to happen. The key to manifesting what you want is to play the part now, before it actually shows up in the physical.

And by play the part, I mean embody what you’ll feel like, act like and dress like when it shows up. Become an energetic match for what you want first, and THEN IT WILL SHOW UP. And likely in an even better way than you can even imagine.

So stop waiting for what you want to appear before you elevate your wardrobe. Assume the part now, dress the part now and be the part now. Give yourself permission to have what you want by showing up as if it’s already here. And if you need some help, use the link below to schedule a call and let’s chat.

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