Thank You For Boosting My Confidence… it’s possible for you too

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Blog Post - Thank You For Boosting My Confidence… it’s possible for you too

Tuesday was my birthday. As I lounged at the luxurious Montage Spa to celebrate, there was a lot of reflection on this past year.

The first thing to mention is that for my birthday last year, I didn't think I deserved to treat myself to a day at The Montage Spa. So I went to another hotel that was beautiful and nice, yet less expensive. Something in me said, "nope, you didn't bring in the revenue you wanted to last year so why would you treat yourself to that?! You're not the type of person who does that yet... maybe one day".

Can you relate?

Man those little voices can be so darn mean!

Yet the truth is, I wasn't showing up 100% as the confident woman running her life and business in a way to actually create the results I wanted in terms of financial abundance and prosperity.

There was something in me that was waiting. Waiting to feel more confident, waiting to feel like I had all the answers, waiting to have the number of attendees I wanted at my virtual events to then "bring it 100%".

I was waiting to have the life experiences I wanted as I didn't feel confident that I deserved them.

A lot has shifted this past year, and the reason why is because I chose to be that confident woman moving forward.

The woman confident to consistently email my community and write blogs even if I'm not sure what they want to hear. (This is where I thank you for being in that audience and giving me the opportunity to grow).

The woman confident to invest in the clothes I want to wear even though the pieces in my closet are "fine".

The woman confident to get on camera regularly to share my light even when I don't feel like it or have the perfect script.

The woman confident to ask for help.

The woman confident to travel and experience other cultures.

What I've learned is that in making the decision to simply BE that version of myself, the grounded confidence has appeared. What once felt like a lot of effort now comes with ease.

The decision to consistently show up as the woman with the life I desire is why I feel as confident as I do today.

This past weekend I had the joy of attending a Prosperity Code Live event with my mentor, Kisma, and was asked to go on stage to be a part of the prosperity panel (what an honor). She said something at the beginning that really landed, and I'm sharing this with you to impart the knowledge that you are just as capable (if not more) as me to feel 100% confident in yourself.

She introduced us as "special snowflakes" and also as "nothing special". What she means is yes, there is a special magnetism and prosperity that we've stepped into and created, yet there's nothing about us that makes us more special than anyone else in the room.

So as you read this, lean into my confidence that it's 100% possible for you to assume your throne and embody your own grounded confidence. Stop waiting and start living... and please allow yourself to dress in a way that lifts you up. If you need some help with that, I'm right on the other side of this blog... currently in a plush robe.

Over the past 8 years I've been perfecting the Fashion Framework for confidence and complete self- acceptance. And not only with my clients; also with myself! Next week I'll be sharing that with you during The Style Awakening™ Challenge. Click on the link below to sign up.

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